Anzac Assembly

During Week 10, there was an ANZAC Day assembly held by the Year 6 students (F2 and F3). They sang “In Flanders Fields”, written by an Australian soldier who survived war. There were 6 soloists, and they did a superb job singing in front of such a large crowd. Later, Mr Docking (one of our teachers) came and spoke to us, as he is a Reservist in the army. ANZAC, as we all learned, was not an original name, but now stands for Australian, New Zealand, Army, and Corps.

Another important aspect of our ceremony was the laying of the wreath. The wreath was placed under the Australian flag by some of our Year 6 students.

All students participated beautifully and some of our student leaders made speeches.

At the end of the ceremony, we sold ANZAC cookies. All proceeds are going to Legacy.

By Juliana (Year 6)

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