Kindergarten 2019

Kindergarten Parent Information Handbook


How often do children attend Kindergarten?

In 2019 Hammond Park Primary School offers a 15 hour a week kindergarten program. This program is in line with the National Partnership Agreement on Early Childhood Education.

The model for provision is outlined below:

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1 (odd weeks) PossumsQuendas PossumsQuendas PossumsQuendas NumbatsWallabiesBandicoots NumbatsWallabiesBandicoots
Week 2 (even weeks) PossumsQuendas PossumsQuendas NumbatsWallabiesBandicoots NumbatsWallabiesBandicoots NumbatsWallabiesBandicoots

In Term One as part of our transition to full days at Kindergarten, the children attend part time during the first two weeks. This means that they will go home at 12.00pm midday on each day of their roster.

From week three, all children will go home at 3.00pm on each day of their roster.


Department of Education resources for kindergarten parents:

Exploring STEM at home

Learning at home

Parent Activity Worksheet – Building

Parent Activity Worksheet – Play dough

Parent Activity Worksheet – Imagination

Parent Activity Worksheet – Painting

Parent Activity Worksheet – Water

Say hello to school booklet


Child Health Resources for Kindergarten Parents:

Information for Families

Audiology Services

Occupational Therapy Services

Physiotherapy Services

Speech Pathology Services

The Right Services for your Child