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HPPS Cross Country – Friday 1 June 2018 – on the school oval

The schedule for this event is as follows:

9.15am – year 2 girls – 1km (2 laps of oval)

9.30am – year 2 boys – 1km (2 laps of oval)

9.45am – year 3 girls – 1km (2 laps of oval)

10.00am – year 3 boys - 1km (2 laps of oval)

10.15am – year 4 girls – 1.5km (3 laps of oval)

10.30am – year 4 boys – 1.5km (3 laps of oval)

Recess break 10.50 – 11.10am

11.20am – year 5 girls – 1.5km (3 laps of oval)

11.35am – year 5 boys - 1.5km (3 laps of oval)

11.50am – year 6 girls – 2km (4 laps of oval)

12.10pm – year 6 boys - 2km (4 laps of oval)

12.30pm conclusion of races

It is recommended that students wear their sports shorts and faction polo shirts to run in.

Individual champions will be announced throughout the day.  However, the individual medal presentation will be held at the assembly on Tuesday 5 June. The faction trophy will also be presented at this time. Every student who completes the cross country will receive points for their faction.

Parents and families are most welcome to come along and cheer on the students. There will also be a coffee van onsite during the morning.


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