Fabulous Food Factory

(Hammond Park Primary School Canteen)

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This year, 2017, our Fabulous Food Factory will be open 2 days per week. Wednesday and Friday. These days will operate differently so we thought we’d give you a quick run down.

Wednesday is a lunch ONLY service. The canteen won’t be open at recess or lunch for sales.

Friday (our new opening day) is our usual canteen day. We will be open for recess and lunch – have a look at the menu for our homemade lunches and treats. Recess and lunch sales are only available for Year 1 through to Year 6.

We have on-line ordering available now. This is through and we’d love for everyone to sign up and use this service. It makes our life on canteen day so very easy, and it means you aren’t turning over cushions in the house looking for that last $1 to pay for the lunch order.

We have re-usable lunch bags for sale at the canteen. They are $10 each and as they are insulated they are perfect for keeping lunches cool or warm. Come down to the canteen and have a look..

The link to sign up for a shift at the canteen is up the top, but here it is again Volunteer link. We only need 2.5 hours per person, or if you are having a great time we’re more than happy for you to stay all day long.

If your child is sick and you’ve ordered their lunch please email us – and we’ll make sure the order is stopped. Please don’t let us know via Facebook on the morning of their order. We don’t have time to check the Facebook page. Alternatively you can ring the school and they will either put you through to us or pass on a message.

Just about everything on our menu is made in our canteen. We have tried to make our seasonal menus as healthy as we can, and it conforms with the national Traffic Light System for public school canteens. We are super proud of what we produce and the children enjoy it too.

We just wanted to welcome everyone back and hope to see as many of you as possible in the canteen over the next 4 terms. If you want to keep up to date with what’s happening in the Fabulous Food Factory you can find us on Facebook.

Thank you,

The Canteen Committee